Timber Treatment Plant Specialists

If you are reading this then you are probably thinking of getting a treatment plant of your own, if that's the case, welcome - you have come to the right place.

People tend to want their own plant for a variety of reasons ...
- To minimimise wood haulage costs
- To be in control of treating quality
- To minimise internal treating costs
- To do third party treating themselves
- To be able to treat when they need to.

Whatever your reason, you obviously feel that it might be a good time to invest in having your own treatment plant. So what do you do next?

That's an easy one.

TSL run weekly seminars about how to go about getting a plant of your own. In the seminar we cover ...
- Which plant type to get and why.
- Planning issues
- Plant costs and running costs
- Fluid provision
- Equipment suppliers
- Best treating practice
- Plant commisioning (and decommisioning)

This course has been developed because people call us every day; asking the same questions about treating timber; so much so that a seminar was the obvious answer. It gives us the time to explain things in detail and at the end of the process you will know if a treatment plant really is for you and what to do next about it.

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