Treatment Services Ltd was incorporated in late 2005.  Over the years it has provided engineering expertise within the UK timber treatment market.

Our independent engineering services have ranged from site upgrades to site installs but our speciality lies in the area of control.  We have supplied and developed control panels for almost every plant type in the UK.  From Cellpack (tube with tank underneath), to Cuprinol (tube with tank on top) to standard configurations (tube with tanks at the side) and almost every combination besides.  If you throw into this mix the ability to handle chemicals automatically using fluid level, flow meter or time control and you can see that the control system permutations can be quite complex.

But this is what we do, and this is what we thrive on.

To help deliver any required control scenario we developed our own control system which we called Spinnaker.  The complete Spinnaker system provides PC control for up to four treatment plants at a time.  It handles timber provenance by allowing the operator to enter timber details and to allocate these details to specific processes being run.  All aspects of the process are recorded, we track every valve open or close, every pump start or stop and all fluid levels every 30 seconds.

The main advantage of using our system in this market sector is treatment fluid provider independence.  Basically, our customers have the ability to negotiate supply costs with fluid providers without the added complexity of being locked into control systems installed and run by the fluid providers themselves.

Politics aside we have a great track record of support.  We have customers that have been using our systems since 2006.  We provide either phone support or on line through the internet and are able to fix 95% of the problems this way.

Today our main business is in plant hardware and software upgrades.  At only 10 – 20% of the cost of a new plant, with the correct upgrade you can extend the life of your treatment plant by another 15 years.